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Online counseling
For travelers, nomads & expats
anywhere in the world
Are you traveling?
Returned home?
Living abroad as an expat?
Feeling empty or depressed?
Astranged or lost?
Unable to ground anywhere?

Then you’ve come to the right place

As a traveling psychologist

I’m helping global nomads

to find back their way,

from traveling experience

and psychology background

Now let me help you


Do you experience emotional problems?
Sharing it can help you find recognition and relief
Wouldn’t it be nice to share these problems with someone who truly understands your lifestyle?

Psychological consultation

For adjustment problems, loneliness, depressive or uprooted feelings

For world citizens

Travelers, digital nomads, expats
abroad or at home


By audio, video
or email

In secure environment

From the comfort of your home
or accommodation


From traveler to traveler
human to human

Positive and normalising

Based on ACT
mindfulness & compassion

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) is a relatively new therapy which aims at enhancing ones psychological flexibility so that people can learn how to cope when facing problems in their lives. ACT teaches you to take perspective, to look from a different view, to be in the now, to help find acceptance and to look at yourself and others with compassion. It also helps you to (re)discover what it is you find most important in your life and how to work towards that.

Unlike other approaches or techniques within psychology ACT isn’t necessarily aiming for complete elimination of emotional problems or mental disorders. When practicing ACT emotional problems are rather viewed as normal reactions of mind and body: pain is seen as inevitable. Why not learn how to deal with unpleasantness in life, rather then fighting it from a perspective of abnormality? That way it will probably have less impact on your daily life when it arises. By making yourself familiar with ACT and by applying it in daily life, you’ll find yourself much more flexible on the mental level, being more able to handle emotional difficulties that are bound to come.

About me

Amy van den Broeck Online psycholoog ACT reizigers nomad expat

Amy van den Broeck

Psychologist, nomad traveler, ACT therapist (32)

My story

I’m a warm and quiet person by nature. My whole life I was fascinated by having deep conversations with others. As a psychologist I had the priviledge to gain beautiful experiences. But I also felt a strong need for exploration. That’s why I went on many longterm travel adventures where I found peacefulness, simplicity and inspiration in life, but also some emotional problems along the way. In India en Indonesia I further developed a spiritual side within myself by studying Vipassana for 2 years, which changed my life and my perspective on western psychology.
Once I returned home, and while working in psychology, I missed a certain freedom and magic. I decided to step out of a way of life I didn’t feel at home in and to get back on the road while working as a psychologist for people who -like me- feel they’re global citizens.

Qualifications and experience

I studied Clinical- and healthpsychology at the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands) and worked as a psychologist with people struggling with sexual problems, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts and behavior. Recent years I gained knowledge of travelpsychology and its related problems, and gave online psychological consultation by phone, chat and email. Because of its effectiveness and my own good experiences with this form of help, I now offer online psychological counseling for world citizens with mild emotional problems. I’m a member of the Dutch Institute for Psychologists, a professional association for psychologists working in the Netherlands.

Nederlands Instituut Van Psychologen NIP

Courses and training

  • ACT –  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Evidence based treatment method that aims at learning to cope with psychological problems by increasing ones psychological flexibility by rediscovering the most important aspects in ones life.
  • CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Evidence based treatment method that aims at eliminating mental problems by investigating ones thoughts, feelings and behavior
  • Mindfulness – being able to live in the present moment
  • Vipassana meditation – insight meditation: to see things as they are
  • Compassion – looking at yourself and others with a compassionate mind
  • Online therapy – specific skills for online therapy and consultation
  • Focusing – enhancing bodily awareness and investigating sensations and its meaning

How it works


We meet each other online for 30 min, assess whether our contact feels right and look at how I can help.
When choosing email counseling a audio/video introduction is optional and all other sessions will be written.


In an online intake session (60min) we investigate your emotional problems and situation further in detail, distinguishing thoughts, feelings and behavior and their interaction.

Counseling sessions

In 5 or more online sessions (60 min) we’ll start working on your personal situation, sharing insights and knowledge. In between sessions you’ll be working on personally assigned exercises and assigments.


We evaluate our sessions and determine how to cope with difficulties that might arise in the future, so that you can become your own therapist.


€ 35
  • meeting each other for 30 min
  • Online by audio of video
  • Non-committal
  • Determining if we ‘click’
  • Share your problems briefly
  • Making a plan together
Online sessions
€ 75
per session
      • 6 or more sessions (60 min)
      • Intake, counseling sessions & evaluation
      • Online by audio of video
      • Incl home assignments by email
      • Deeper understanding of your situation
      • .
      • Want to meet me first?
      • Book an introduction for  35
Email counseling
€ 200
  • Weekly email sessions
  • Personal responses
  • Writing assignments and exercises
  • Whenever time suits you
  • Monthly cancellable
  • Optional introduction session
  • .
  • .
  • Now first month 50% off

Contact en bookings

Book sessions, start email counseling or ask a question

Due to maternity leave I will continue sessions starting February.
Feel free to contact me with questions or submit to my waiting list.

Contact formulier English

  • Traveling
  • At home
  • An expat abroad
  • Other
  • Meet €35
  • Online sessions €75
  • Start email counseling
  • Ask a question
  • Other
  • Audio sessions
  • Video sessions
  • Email sessions
  • No preference
  • Does not apply


Frequently asked questions from travelers, nomads and expats

Yes, research shows online therapy sessions are just as effective as traditional face to face sessions. For therapy sessions to be effective, there are two aspects considered most important. A warm and trustworthy relationship between therapist and client, and the therapists professional skills and qualities. When these conditions are met, online sessions can be as effective as traditional consults. By hearing each others voices or seeing each others faces in online sessions, a relationship based on trust and understanding can be established aswell. Other then that, some people consider online sessions to be less threatening then seeing a therapist face to face. For this group, online sessions are more accessible. Being able to speak from the comfort of your own home or accommodation, where you might feel more comfortable can contribute to feeling at ease and opening up in therapy sessions even more.

Furthermore, for many people writing about emotional problems works alleviating; like writing in a dairy. That’s why many therapists use writing assignments as a method within their therapy sessions. Email therapy and counseling can therefore be very effective in learning how to deal with emotional difficulties.

For practical reasons online therapy can be an outcome for many aswell: as you don’t have to go ‘see’ a therapist, you won’t have any transportation costs or loss of time, it can be more flexible and scheduled at your own pace. In some cases (and especially when living abroad or traveling) finding a traditional therapist that speaks your native language can be challenging, let alone someone who truly understands your lifestyle and its associated problems.

Ofcourse there are exceptions. For people dealing with severe mental problems online sessions won’t be enough. But in my experience, for people that experience mild emotional problems, both online sessions and email counseling can be very effective ways to help understand and alleviate these feelings.

As I work under the laws and regulations of my professional association (the Dutch Institute for Psychologists NIP) and the GDPR law (2018) privacy and confidentiality is considered highly important. Therefore I carefully handle and store information and use secured audio- and video connections. Furthermore, because of my professional secrecy/ confidentiality as a psychologist, I won’t share any informations with others without your consent. Because I don’t have contracts with insurances your personal information won’t reach them. When you desire there are possibilities to book sessions or email counseling anonymously aswell.

You can read more about privacy and confidentiality, as well as your rights, in the Privacy Statement on the website below.

The amount of sessions needed is different for everyone. For some people only a few sessions are sufficient to alleviate problems and to continue on their own. For others this might take longer. In my experience an amount of 5 sessions is usually needed (at the minimum) to work on a specific problem or situation. This excludes an intake session, so together this makes 6 sessions for us to be able to establish a good relationship, work on your situation on a deeper level and to integrate techniques and methods used in our sessions. Ofcourse more sessions are always better.
If you feel you might need less or more sessions, we can always take a look at how far we’ve come and re-evaluate the amount of sessions. Feel free to contact me with this question.

As I don’t work with insurances our sessions won’t be reimbursed. Some things to be considered with this are:

  • For reimbursement of insurance companies within the Netherlands you’ll first have to pay (a minimum of) 385 euro out of your own pocket. Even if sessions would be reimbursed, people will have to pay this amount themselves first. How this is arranged within your country might be different.
  • In the Netherlands reimbursement only takes place when there’s a diagnosis of a mental disorder according to DSM-classification (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual). Even though most people experience emotional problems thoughout their lives, in many cases a mental disorder is not present. Yet for these people, that are not diagnosed with a mental disorder but experience emotional problems, psychological help is just as much needed. Again, how this is arranged within your country might be different.
  • Treatment methods for many specific psychological problems are eliminated from reimbursement policies within the Netherlands. For example, adjustment disorders and relationship problems are no longer reimbursed by insurance companies. While many travelers and expats specifically suffer from these problems and need help for this. So even though reimbursement would have been possible, these problems do not fall under the categories for reimbursement.

What are the advantages?

  • You won’t need a prescription from your doctor to seek my help. Being on the road or living abroad makes this difficult too.
  • I (usually) don’t have a waiting list, so that we can start our sessions right away.
  • Your privacy is guaranteed: I don’t have to share any or your personal information with others, like insurances that would be filed within their documents. Other then that, because of my professional confidentiality / secrecy all your personal information stays between us (unless in rare cases of emergency). Read more about this in the privacy statement on my website below.
  • Sessions that are well suited within the situation your in, traveling or abroad, in harmony, and from a perspective of normality in stead of abnormality can be much more important then whether sessions are reimbursed or not. In the end, all that matters is feeling (mentally and physically) healthy.

Online therapy is not sufficient for treating severe mental disorders. As I work solely with people that experience mild emotional problems, and because I consider my workfield that of in between a coach and a psychologist, I won’t be able to help those with more severe problems that require more intensive treatment. Some examples are: seeing or hearing things that are not really there, severe moodswings or feeling severely depressed or suicidal, or addiction to substances. For these problems you need specialized help, so whenever this information arises in one of our sessions, I will refer you to someone who is able to help you. When you so desire, it might be possible to have sessions with me in addition to treatment with your psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. In this case, those treatment sessions will always be leading and ours will be supportive.

Anyone is welcome to contact me for online sessions by audio, video or email, no matter in what situation. Although I am specialized in travel psychology and its related problems, being a part of this group is not necessary. In case you’re not a traveler or expat, but would like to have online sessions about a specific subject, feel free to contact me.

Yes, this is possible. When you would prefer to stay anonymous it is possible to contact me without revealing your identity. In that case, contact me with an Alias name and an email address that doesn’t reveal your name so that I will be able to contact you (you could create a new email address). Please inform me that you would like to stay anonymous (so that I am aware of this). We can plan our sessions by audio so all we hear is each others voices, or start email sessions. As I am not tracking IP addresses your personal identity won’t be revealed. 

Are you a psychologist or in training to become one? Would you like to know more about practicing online? Interested in specific rules and guidelines within the Netherlands? There’s a lot to think about when starting an online practice. What is allowed and what not? How to keep information secured?
Feel free to contact me with your questions and we can book a session to discuss your questions in more detail if you’d like.

Despite my best care and consideration a situation may arise in where you feel dissatisfied about something that occured during one of our sessions. If this is the case and you feel uncomfortable about it, you’re always welcome to discuss this with me. (After all, in my profession I am trained to speak about difficulties, also if it relates to my professional actions!) So, if you feel uncomfortable about anything I have said or done, I’d like to warmly invite you to tell me so that we can solve any tension between us.

In rare cases we cannot solve a problem together, you can contact my professional association (NIP) for further guidence. In this case I will inform you where and how to contact them. Read more about privacy and your rights in my Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions on my website below. 

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